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Emma Walker

Year 6

Friday 15th September 2017

Louise Ball (l.ball) on: Year 6

This week in English we have been thinking about a resilient moment that we have had and forming a poem surrounding it. We used the ideas from the book Truckers by Terry Pratchett to think about their resilience – as they are only 4 inches tall and need to survive – before moving on to our own. This has given us the chance to be creative whilst also thinking about our resilience and growth mindset, something that is a major focus for our P.S.H.E weeks.

In maths we have looked at our understanding of partitioning numbers as well as starting to round them. It has been great to show what we already know about numbers and we have been creatively exploring these aspects through dice and number cards. Alongside showing our general number knowledge, we have been reasoning our understanding to show how this knowledge could be explored in a variety of ways.

To further our resilience, this week Tim Hall came in for the day to explore different resiliency tasks. We pretended we were deserted on a desert island, we threw balls into buckets from a variety of distances, we even got tied up in knots before the final task of trying to sell either a beach holiday, a healthy milkshake or an exercise class. The day was mainly about leadership and Tim spoke about the importance of this as well as the fact that, as Year 6, we are looked up to by the younger years as leaders.

Overall, this week was full of resilience and creativity and so this should come across in the home learning. This week is all about showing ‘growth mindset’ in a creative manner, any way you can. We look forward to seeing all that you create.


Friday 8th September 2017- Welcome to Year 6!

Louise Ball (l.ball) on: Year 6

Welcome to a new school year! We hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and are now looking forward to the year that lies ahead! Year 6 is a very busy yet very exciting year- the children have so many exciting experiences planned and lots of brilliant learning to look forward to! 

May we also say a huge welcome to the Year 6 blog! On this blog, you will find out all that we have been learning about in class from English to Maths to Topic and lots more! You will also see photos of our learning in action- not to mention photos of any trips or events that we taken part in this year. 

The blog will also be used as a form of communication in terms of important dates and things to remember. So please visit our blog regularly and leave any comments. We will often leave questions for you to think about.  

This week, we have a had a lovely week settling into Year 6 and into our new classes. We have spent time setting up our classrooms and thinking about what is expected of us in Year 6 at Fountain. We have written our class' Silver Rules and spent time testing our level of resilience- something we will certainly need this year! The children have been given brand new planners which include their reading record- these planners will help the children to become organised and will be great in getting them prepared for Year 7. Homework goes out on a Friday and is returned on a Wednesday (unless stated otherwise). PE is on Thursdays. 

On Tuesday afternoon, we spent time carrying out different activities that showed how resilient we are: we practised balancing a ball (or 5!) on a badminton bat whilst being challenged to do tricky tasks such as reciting the alphabet backwards or hopping, we built a house of cards and we built a structure using pasta and marshmallows. Check out the photos!

Which task did you find most challenging and why? Why is it important to be challenged? How does it help us to learn? 

What are you looking forward to in Year 6? What do you think will be your greatest challenge this year? How do you think you will grow this year? Will you achieve everything that you wrote the letter that you wrote to yourself that we have locked away in our time capsule?

Next week, we are looking forward to our Resilience Day with Mr Hall on Tuesday!

We hope to see lots of parents at the Parent Open Session at 2.30pm on Thursday 21st September. During the session you can see what the children have been up to so far and get the chance to meet their class teacher. 

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Ball and Miss Atkins

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Louise Ball (l.ball) on: Year 6

This week we have had a particular focus on our topic of The Maya, we spent Monday afternoon looking at their number system and using it to decode what was written on a 3D temple outside. Once decoding the numbers, each number represented a letter and that told us the name of the area where the temple sat, Chichen Itza! After completing this task, we learnt all about Chichen Itza including the history of the name and what is there. Using this information – and our discussions on Maya temples – we were able to create our own temples with a special name.

As well as this, for our topic lessons, we also looked at what Maya masks look like and why they were used. Once we found out that they were mostly used in celebrations (to celebrate their gods) we then designed our own mask that related to a god. We used our understanding of the gods that they would celebrate in order to do this and we were then able to make them using paper mache. It was really fun to get all messy with PVA glue and newspaper and our masks looked great when they eventually dried! We will be able to paint them next week to make them look just like our designs. 

In English this week, we have carried on with our book 'The Arrival' and were able to follow the story as the main character looked for a job in the big city. Using this, we were able to create job adverts as well as job applications, working hard on our skills with non-fictional writing. 

Next week we look forward to all of the exciting opportunities we will have in Health and Sports Week!


Friday 16th June 2017

Louise Ball (l.ball) on: Year 6

What another busy week we have had! 

On Monday, the whole school took part in a Performance Poetry Competition. The theme for all our poems was Growth Mindset. We were so proud of our poems- all our efforts had certainly paid off. 6LB were lucky enough to go through to the next stage of the competition at the Morley Town Hall on Thursday where they competed with other Year 5 and 6 classes from the Aspire schools. This was an amazing opportunity and once again we did ourselves proud; we even got a special mention for writing our own poem- not just learning it! 

On Wednesday this week, Year 6 went on a trip to the Leeds Town Hall to watch a music performance which included an orchestra. The children listened to a variety of musical genres. The children were really inspired and were credit to Fountain! 

In our Science lesson, we all had a chance to play the part of a blood cell and travel around the body. We ran around the field travelling around different organs in the body. A blue card meant we were de-oxygenated and a red card meant that we were oxygenated. We learnt why our bodies have what is called double circulation and how the heart and the lungs work together, 

Some of us have also taken part in sports tournaments and matches this week. Well done to the boys' and girls' football teams!

Next week, we are starting our topic of The Maya and looking at playscripts in writing. 

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Friday 9th June 2017- The Week of Our Residential to PGL!

Louise Ball (l.ball) on: Year 6

What a brilliant week Year 6 have had! On Monday morning, we embarked upon our adventure to PGL! We had an amazing time taking part in many activities. Here are some to just name a few:

  • Raft Building¬†
  • Quad Biking
  • Orienteering
  • Climbing challenges such as Jacob's Ladder and All Aboard
  • Problem Solving

We had a brilliant time on our residential despite the rain! 

Have a look at our photos from the trip. What was your favourite activity? What activity was the most challenging? In which activity did you have to be resilient? 


Teachers Blog: Week 2

This week in English we have been finishing and publishing our ‘Lost Thing’ stories. We were able to use our time on World Book Day to both write and illustrate our books and, once completed, they will be placed in the lovely newly finished Library for other children to read.

In Maths we have continued with the work on converting from imperial to metric measurements, we were even able to convert a recipe that was written in pounds to grams. We had a lot of fun doing this – especially as it was so challenging!

On World Book Day, alongside publishing our books, we enjoyed the mix of reading and P.E. We found a variety of ways to read whilst exercising, showing that you can do both at the same time. We also enjoyed finding out who the real Burglar Bill was – especially considering all the things they stole throughout the day!

We had a visit from author and illustrator Chris Moulds this week, showing us just how he creates such brilliant work. Some of us even had a chance to draw alongside him! He opened our new Library as our new pupil librarians waited anxiously to see the big reveal. Once opened – all of key stage two were able to see how different the new Library is. The excitement we felt while opening it and discovering the new books was indescribable. We can’t wait to take the books home to explore lots of new stories!


Teacher's Blog: Week 4

This week in English we have carried on with the non-fictional writing, now starting to look at balanced arguments. We have been discussing out-of-town shopping complexes, thinking about what they are as well as whether they should be built. We used our ‘Picture News’ as a starting point for this, as it linked to whether we should be able to build anywhere. Thinking about whether we should build on countryside (Green Belt land) leads us nicely into next week which is respect week at Fountain. Next week, year six will be thinking about respect in relation to our planet and those on it. 

In Maths we have been working on multiplying decimals. As we were able to multiply them easily, we could then move onto reasoning and problem solving. In today’s lesson we moved onto a maths investigation, using what we had learned to explore possible answers. 

In Science this week we have started thinking about what our lamp will look like and even started getting materials together to build them. We are all thoroughly excited about producing our very own designs. 


Teacher's Blog: Week 3

This week we have really got stuck into our topic of ‘Building a Village’.

On Tuesday, we received a letter from Mr Brick who stated plans for a building development on our school field! In response to this letter, we wrote persuasive letters back to Leeds City Council to put a stop to the building plans. We are happy that our letters have been successful and luckily, due to our writing been very persuasive, the plans have been stopped!

On the theme of new things being built, we are looking forward to your ideas for your creative home learning this week! Remember, if you need more time to create your village, just let your teacher know.

In maths we continued our work with percentages and moved on to learning about decimals later in the week.

In Science we researched what our design could look like for our decorative lamp. We thought about the circuit we would need to create and what would go in our circuit. For example, how many bulbs would we need?


Teacher's Blog: Week 2

This week we have been looking at a new book relating to our new topic of ‘Building a Village’. Our new book that we have started looking at is ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker. On the first page of this book it shows a woman looking out of her window with her baby son, she can see her garden. Using this image, we mind-mapped descriptions of what we could see around it. We then compared this to what we can see out of our windows and did a descriptive piece of writing using this. We were able to use metaphors, similes, expanded noun phrases and precise adjectives to improve our descriptions. In Maths we looked at fractions questions, thinking about our reasoning. We used green pens to write our reasoning as to how we worked it out. We then moved onto working out percentages of amounts, working out 10% initially by dividing by 10 and then using this knowledge to find 5%, 1%, 3% etc.  We have also been doing practice SATs papers this week, the aim of this was to see how much we could do in the time given and see the areas that we could work on to improve.  In Science we have started looking at electricity. We looked at the importance of safety around electrical devices before creating our own circuits and testing the batteries and bulbs. 

In P.E we were able to get the gymnastics equipment out, as you can see in the photos it was great fun! We explored balancing in different ways and jumping with the correct landing position. 

Teacher's Blog: Week 1

This week in English we have been writing up our narrative from A Christmas Carol using the feedback received. We have self-assessed our work as well as peer-assessed it against a criteria and thought about how to improve it.In Maths we have been looking at dividing fractions by both other fractions as well as whole numbers. At first it seemed really tricky but as soon as we went through an example, it suddenly became clear it wasn’t as difficult as we thought! We have shown that we are all capable of dividing fractions! 

In P.E we started preparing for the dodgeball tournament that is coming up. For this we covered the rules again and implemented them in small games.


Teacher's Blog: Week 7

This week we have been writing a narrative, using the book ‘A Christmas Carol’. We have re-written the part of the story when Marley visits Scrooge to tell him of the three spirits that will visit him. In writing this, the children were able to show off all the skills they have been learning this term. They have created amazing pieces of work that they should be extremely proud of. We also had a pantomime of Beauty and the Beast this week, which was thoroughly enjoyable for our final week of this term.

Thank you to those that made it to the production of A Christmas Carol, the children worked really hard on this and their hard work paid off. I’m sure you would agree. For those of you that were not able to come and see it, please take a look at the photos attached.  

Teacher's Blog: Week 6

This week in Maths we have been looking at multiplying fractions by other fractions as well as whole numbers. We then used our knowledge to work out the area of different parts in a garden. In English we have been looking at A Christmas Carol. We thought about how Charles Dickens created tension and suspense in the start of the book compared with the Disney movie version. We have then started re-writing part of the story where Marley visits Scrooge to tell him that three spirits will be visiting him. We have started writing this, thinking about all of the things we have learned about so far in Year 6. We have been working really hard on our Christmas production of A Christmas Carol. For this we have worked in our Fountains and created a production without much input from teachers. We look forward to you coming to see it on Monday 12th December 2016 at 2:30pm!

Teacher's Blog: Week 5

This week in maths we have been looking at investigations using our knowledge of fractions so far. We worked in small groups to decipher how many counters we would need to fill a box that also had an instruction manual. Some of us even managed to create our own investigations. In English we looked at how paragraphs are formed. We cut up pieces of chapter 11 and moved them into time, place, topic and person to show why the author had started a new paragraph. Once this was completed, we then used our knowledge of how to start a new paragraph in our final piece of work on Wolf Brother. Our final piece was completing the story of what we think would happen next, would Torak leave wolf behind? We started our new Christmas topic this week, introducing the classic tale of ‘A Christmas Carol’. To introduce this topic, we had two boxes and an envelope to show Christmas past, present and future. The children were then able to work out what the new story would be from the clues. We watched the film of this story prior to working in Fountains to re-create each part of the story for the performance. 

Remember to get your costumes and any props that you may need!


Teacher's Blog: Week 4

This week in Year 6 we have been continuing to learn about fractions, thinking about how we can convert improper fractions to mixed number and what this means. We have also looked at adding these as well as comparing them and ordering them. We have shown a really good understanding of what fractions are and are able to show visually what a fraction may look like. We will be continuing to learn more about fractions next week and we look forward to improving our fraction knowledge and attempting some really tricky questions! 

In English we have been adding flashbacks into our monologues from last week, thinking about the past perfect tense in doing so. We added sentences such as ‘I had been hunting with Fa’, using the Wolf Brother book and our knowledge of it to add depth to the main character. We were able to add details that we believe could have happened before the start of the book, such as what had happened to Torak’s mother as we didn’t know. 

We had our first transition visit to The Morley Academy this week for Art and Dance and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got the chance to create abstract art by listening to music and interpreting it with shapes and colours. In the dance session we were taught some moves and then had the opportunity to put those moves to different pieces of music. This was to see how the music changes the feeling and therefore how the moves will change. We thought about adding in arm movements and the speed of the dancing for different music.

Teacher's Blog: Week 3

This week in Year 6 we have been looking at writing monologues in English. We started by creating mind maps of what Torak, the main character in our book, would have been thinking when he was all on his own with the prospect of being killed. We then made these ideas into questions and sentences that he might have said through drama, which was shared between the two classes. We were then able to turn these into written work, thinking about how to self-improve throughout. Whilst writing, we were able to get lots of really good detail as well as similes, metaphors, extended metaphors, alliteration and much, much more. In maths we have been focusing on fractions. This week we looked at simplifying fractions, adding fractions as well as subtracting them. We found that we could simplify fractions by using our prior knowledge of common factors and multiples of the denominators. As well as this, we were able to use our improving knowledge of times tables to work out the simplified fraction easily. In topic this week we were learning about Maiden Castle, an Iron Age hillfort that was founded in Dorset. We then created our very own Iron Age newspaper article, writing as if we were there when it first opened. It was interesting to think about what we would see and hear if we were in the Iron Age, using new and prior knowledge. 

We also had a visit from the Police to discuss the importance of safety as the children get older and spend more time out without supervision. They discussed their jobs and what it takes to be in the Police. The children had lots of questions for them and Miss Atkins even got handcuffed to show what it would be like!

Teacher's Blog: Week 2

This week in Year 6 we have been learning about prime numbers in maths. We played a maths game to help us to recognise what the prime numbers are before 100. Can you remember how many there are? What is the only even prime? Why is one not a prime number? Later in the week, we moved on to learning about fractions. We have been finding fractions of amounts and diagrams. We have also been learning about equivalence and began adding fractions. Next week we are moving on to subtracting, multiplying and dividing them. This weekend, have a think about where you might see fractions in real life.

In English this week we have been learning how to include direct speech in our narratives using accurate punctuation. We also learnt how to write effective reported clauses to help explain who said something and how the character said it. To help us to prepare for our writing, we devised role plays within groups. Have a look at some of our photos to see Year 6 acting!

Keep your amazing creative home learning coming into school!  .

Teacher's Blog Autumn 2: Week 1

We have reached a very exciting point in our story of ‘Wolf Brother’- the main character has come face to face with some hunters! We have begun writing the next part of the story, describing what happens to Torak next. This week we have been improving our knowledge of different sentence types. Our challenge was to ensure we included a variety of sentences in our writing.

In maths, we have been learning how to calculate mentally and how to be a good estimator. We then moved on to learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers. Our ‘maths investigation’ home learning for this week is based upon applying our knowledge of factors.

Speaking of home learning, our creative projects that have been brought into school so far have been amazing! Have a look at some of the photos!

In topic this week, we have been researching the invention of the wheel and how it evolved over the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. We used our computing skills to make sure our searches were refined and gave us the specific information we needed.

Next week, we are looking forward to learning about fractions in maths and perfecting how dialogue and action are interwoven within narrative. 

Teacher's Blog: Week 7

This week in English we have been looking at changing word order and how that affects the precise meaning of the sentence. We have also looked at improving our adjectives by using a thesaurus to find synonyms. As well as this we have written the next chapter for our book ‘Wolf Brother’, we are using our imagination as well as the skills we have learnt so far in Year 6 to create an exciting and tense piece of writing. 

In Maths this week we have been looking at division, we have worked through questions that don’t have remainders as well as those that don’t. Once we understood these we were able to show our understanding through problem solving using these skills. We have also now shown an overall understanding of solving problems using the four operations. 

In our topic lesson we created PowerPoint presentations in pairs on an area, either Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. We then presented these to the rest of the class, showing how much our confidence is growing!



Teacher's Blog: Week 6

This week we have been learning about multiplication in our maths lessons. We have been perfecting our use of written multiplication and putting it into practice by solving real life multiplication problems. Some of us even wrote problems for others to solve! We really focussed upon how we found the most important information in a real life problem. To do this, the questions were placed up on the walls around Year 6 and with a whiteboard we had to gather the information we needed and then take that back with us to our tables in order to answer the problem accurately.

In English we have been learning about how to start our sentences in different ways to make our writing more interesting and ultimately engage the reader. We wrote a journal in the mind of Torak, the main character in the story of ‘Wolf Bother’. In order for us to get into the mind of the character well we wrote questions that we would like to ask Torak. We then interviewed each other, one of us in the role of the character.

We have also carried out some assessments this week to find out where we are in our learning at the moment in order to help us set our next steps.

Next week, we are looking forward to being creative in our topic lesson and to tackling tricky, written division in maths!

Teacher's Blog: Week 5

This week in Year 6 we have learning about column addition and subtraction in maths. We have been refining our skills of how to use these written methods accurately using large numbers. On Friday, we put our skills into practice in an investigation involving the populations of different countries. We had to be very resilient, use trial and improvement and be excellent communicators. We found it tricky but we made sure that we persevered and didn’t give up! Our task was made even trickier by the weather!

In art lessons, we have used our painting skills to create silhouettes of Stonehenge to tie in with our Scavengers and Settlers topic. Our artwork can be seen up on display in our classrooms and around school.

In English, we have thought about how to develop empathy and get into the mind of a particular character. We spent time sharing our ideas and learning from each other. This resulted in us writing excellent, first person narratives from the point of view of the character of the wolf cub in the story of Wolf Brother.

In Science, we learnt about how fossils can tell us a lot about the past. We made some careful pencil drawings of different fossils and wrote about how they were formed.

In PE, we have been learning about the skill of accuracy. We took part in activities involving throwing basketballs and rugby balls, passing a football and passing to each other using hockey sticks a ball. We had to be very careful with the speed of how fast we passed to each other and made sure we communicated well to the person we were passing to.

Next week, we are looking forward to learning about multiplication and division!

Mrs Ball and Miss Atkins

Teacher's Blog: Week 4

This week Year 6 have been working on writing exciting narratives in English. We have looked at how to create suspense and tension in our writing just like in Wolf Brother! We have also created survival guides for living in the Stone Age to Iron Age, using our own experiences from WOW day and our amazing imagination. 

We have been investigating rounding numbers in maths to the nearest 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 and 1,000! As well as this we have been looking at negative numbers and how we may use them in real life. We even came up with some of our own problems using negative numbers for our friends to solve. 


Teacher’s Blog: Week 3

What an exciting week we have had on Year 6!

On Monday, we went back in time and turned into Scavengers and Settlers. Throughout the morning, we teamed up to ‘scavenge’ around the school for hidden items that were used in The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We then placed the items on a timeline, depending on which ‘age’ we thought they belonged. During the afternoon, we made our own clothes, like they would have done in the past, out of pillowcases- we pretended that it was animal skin! We then went off into the school grounds to find a place to ‘settle’. We build a settlement in the wooded area, complete with the dining room, stables and wash area. To finish the day, we began to read our new novel which we have been focusing on in our English lessons: Wolf Brother.

In our other lessons this week, we have been consolidating our knowledge of place value in maths. For example, we have been reading and writing larger numbers and comparing them. In PE, we were improving our skills of control and put this to practice within the game of hockey.

Our Home Learning this week is to research our Fountains- we are looking forward to seeing how creative the children have been!

Mrs Ball and Miss Atkins


Teacher's Blog: Week 2 

In Year 6 we have been focusing our learning on growth mindset and resilience.

We have explored the following questions:

What is resilience?  How resilient am I?

What does success mean to me? How does it feel when we are successful?

We have thought about the challenges that Year 6 has in store for us and how we can face them without giving up.

We tested just how resilient we are by seeing who could build the highest House of Cards. Last Tuesday, we all enjoyed our Resilience Day with Mr Hall. We learnt that we can achieve anything we put our minds to if we listen well and put in the time and effort needed to be successful. We also explored the value of teamwork and how great teamwork can lead to amazing results- all of our tepees stood up tall!

We have really enjoyed the first two weeks of Year 6. We are ready to take on the rest of the year with resilience and we can’t wait for the challenges Mrs Ball and Miss Atkins have planned for us!

We will always remember: If you don’t give up, you will always achieve!