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Thank you very much to all the parents who were able to join us at our recent Reception parents evening. If you were not able to attend and have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.


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Welcome to Reception. We are Pools class and Streams class.

The Reception teachers are: Mr Logan, Mrs Stephenson and Miss Tosh

Supported by Miss Munshi and Miss Bhamji  


In Reception we explore six main topics:


Do dragons exist? We discuss our different opinions about fairy tale characters and if alll the fairy tale characters are respectful.

What happens when the lights go out? We find out who is still awake when the lights go out and what our opinion is of the dark.

Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast? We find out what is our favourite food, if everybody likes the same food and why are we lucky to have different types of food.

What is happening inside me? We find out what our bodies can do and why are we different and how are we the same.

Are all mini-beasts scary? We will look for minibeasts and learn how we can we look after our school garden.

Where could our travels take us? We will think about our favourite local places and different types of holidays in different types of locations all over the world.