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Physical Education Ethos

Physical Education is one of the statutory foundation subjects of the National Curriculum.  At Fountain we recognise the vital importance and positive role of Physical Education for every child's physical, cognitive and social development as well as their health and well being.  We encourage all pupils to understand how significant and beneficial a healthy and active lifestyle is and to develop a sense of pride and enjoyment in their personal achievements.


We deliver a high quality PE curriculum that aims to meet the needs of all our pupils. All children receive two hours of PE each week.


real PE

As a school we have recently invested in real PE, a scheme of work that we feel matches our values and the needs of our children. 

"real PE is a philosophy and approach which helps ALL children develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life. It places the learner at the heart of practice with the ultimate goal of children feeling valued, included, challenged and supported in their learning." (Create Development). A central focus of real PE  is the development of the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination.  These skills provide children with the ability to play and be involved in many different sports and activities.  real PE also encourages an environment of sportsmanship, healthy competition and cooperative learning and is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements.

 real PE is taught for 1 hour per week to every child from Reception to year 6. For further information about real PE please click on the link below:

realPE - 


PE Partner

This year, we are also delighted to be continuing to work with PE Partner. Our teachers work alongside qualified coaches to deliver lessons which build and develop the full range of physical literacy for every child.

In Key Stage 1, the focus is on the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination whilst in Key Stage 2 this is developed into cognitive, physical and manipulation skills. These skills are transferable and are taught in a spiral curriculum.  This means that we look to embed and contextualise the skills during each academic year.  Then, as the children progress through school, there is a vertical increase in the levels of challenge in each of the skill areas.  This is best explained with the following analogy: "A child in reception is taught how to balance on one leg.; In year 6 they are taught how and when to apply side steps in a game situation. Each year sees a vertical progression in the end of year expectation between the two points. but within the year, the full range of skills is taught. This is designed to give child a full physical literacy tool kit." (Spiral PE)

Each PE lesson adds and supports the ongoing development of all pupils and aims for all pupils to feel the benefits of an active lifestyle.

PE Partner deliver a lesson for 1 hour per week to every child from Reception to year 6. For further information about PE Partner please click on the link below: