Fountain Primary School

Putting learning at the heart of all we do

Fountain Street, Morley, West Yorkshire, LS27 0AW

0113 8878235

Meet Our Staff


Leadership Team
Head Teacher Mrs E Walker
Deputy Head Teacher Mrs F Peel
SENDCo Miss A Tosh
EYFS & Year 1 Phase Leader Mr J Logan
Year 2, 3 & 4 Phase Leader Mr T Hemingway
Year 5 & 6 Leader Miss E Smith
School Business Manager Mr M Naylor

Pastoral Team
Pastoral Team Leader Mrs C Ramsden
Pastoral Support Worker Ms N Brookes
Pastoral Support Worker Miss K Williams
Behaviour Support Worker Miss C Draffan



Teachers Mrs K Pullinger
Nursery Assistant Mrs J Tillotson
Pools Streams
Teachers Miss F Coldwell Miss K Carter
Support Staff Mrs A Wade Mrs L Hebden
Year 1
Waterfalls Rivers
Teachers Mr J Logan Mr T Shepherd
Support Staff Mrs A Allott Miss S Thompson
Mrs J Davenport (Y1 Support) 
Year 2
Rapids Tides
Teachers Mr T Hemingway Mrs L Arion
Support Staff Miss A Bootland Mrs J Lowley
Year 3
Bays Deltas
Teachers Mrs C Storr Mrs L Aveyard
Support Staff Miss N Barnett Miss S Andradi
Year 4
Tributaries Estuaries
Teachers Miss E Sissons Miss R Pateman
Year 5
Glaciers Lakes
Teachers Miss P Keates Mr S Briggs
Support Staff Mrs A Corrie Miss K Brennan
Year 6
Seas Oceans
Teachers Miss E Smith Mrs L Ball
Year 5/6 Maths Teacher Mrs J Hallas
Cover Teacher Miss N Gaspar 
PE Partner Sports Coach  Mr J Henshaw


HLTAs Miss S Kaur
  Mr A Thomason


Office Staff Mrs L Roberts
  Mrs S Wasim
Miss E Swailes (On Leave)


Lunchtime Supervisors  Mrs A Allott
  Mrs L Baxter
Mrs S Connell
Miss D Tetley
Mrs L Roberts
Mrs L Jones


Catering Staff Mrs S Noble
  Mrs A Bailey
Mrs B Cox
Miss N Fawthrop (on leave)